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Let's talk about reliable and long-lasting vehicles, after-sales service, or advice on car financing. Let's discuss your next vehicle, road test, its version, colour, engine and most innovative features. Let's talk about the inventory of our new or used vehicles, the flexibility of our financing plans, current promotional offers, and many other topics.

Our representatives look forward to talking with you and answering all your questions. Because we are passionate about cars, our spontaneous enthusiasm is boundless and our discussions will provide answers to all your questions.
The Groupe Leclair stands out for its extremely detailed knowledge of the automotive industry and its desire to offer you the best customer service. There is a reason why we place great importance on customer relations and our discussions are always marked by accuracy and common sense. We excel because we believe in deepening our relationships with our clients. The Groupe Leclair never compromises on quality or respect for people. We are open, friendly and naturally drawn to building cordial relationships.

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