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The Groupe Leclair and its partners are committed to offering you outstanding and comprehensive service, particularly in the financing department where they will help you obtain a suitable plan.

A credit bureau is also part of the group to take charge of both the best credit files and those of people who have experienced more financial difficulties: second chance credit is one of the options we offer you!

We do business with several major financial institutions and can offer you an advantageous plan at a preferential rate.

Whether you've already chosen your car or are still looking for that rare gem, our team can help you get pre-approved quickly so you can move forward with your purchase.

Talk to our experts or fill out our online form and, with just a few clicks, get pre-approved without delay. With a little information about your financial situation, we'll be able to find financing plans that perfectly fit your lifestyle.

Get pre-approved as soon as possible and be one step closer to your new dream car.

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