If you're looking for a Honda vehicle, you'll be well served by the Honda Blainville dealership in our Group.

picture of the honda blainvile dealership with honda vehicules of groupe leclair

Honda Service

Take advantage of exceptional after-sales service by Honda-certified technicians who are highly trained according to the company's standards. Moreover, making an appointment with a Honda dealer for the maintenance of your vehicle means ensuring that only genuine Honda parts are used. It also means that the technicians who take care of your car know everything about the specifics of your model and will put it back in top condition.

Choosing a Honda vehicle means choosing the manufacturer known for its high quality and reliability. Whether you're buying a new or used car, with Honda you know that your car is built to last and will be with you for years to come.

There's a reason why cars like the Honda Civic are the best-selling car in the province year after year. Honda cars offer quality across the board, from engine performance and durability to interior comfort, advanced technology and more. 

Honda cars, SUVs and trucks inventory

Our Honda dealership in Blainville carry impressive inventory of new and used Honda vehicles. Whatever your preferences, many models and versions are available at our dealerships, whether you're looking for a fully equipped car or a reliable car that will simply get you from point A to point B.

several honda vehicles in the honda blainville and honda ile perrot dealerships

Honda cars and sedans

Honda builds reliable and sporty sedans. Between the popular Honda Civic and Honda Accord, discover the Honda Insight and Clarity if you don't already know them. Between sedans, hatchbacks and coupes, the Japanese manufacturer does not skimp on variations and is sure to have a model for you. 

Hybrid and electric Honda vehicles

Honda also offers many hybrid cars, including the Insight, the Accord and the Clarity: try these incredibly fuel-efficient cars and you’ll be surprised by their power and range!

Honda is developing its technologies at a lightning speed and offers you more and more interesting electric models; ask our Honda professionals in Blainville for more information. They will be able to advise you in the purchase of a new green car that fits you like a glove.

Honda SUVs

You're more of an SUV? Honda also has a lot of choice! The Honda HR-V and CR-V, among the compacts, are among the most fuel-efficient SUVs on the vast market of sport utility vehicles. Looking for even more ruggedness? The Honda Passport and Pilot are designed to take you on an adventure.

Honda trucks and minivans

Also discover the Odyssey minivan for the whole family or the Ridgeline truck, built for hard work.

Whether if you're a Honda veteran or a newcomer, our dealers' specialists will help you choose the model and version that's right for you by advising you on the options packages.

The Groupe Leclair dealerships are made up of enthusiastic teams who are committed to sharing their passion for the brand's vehicles with you and, above all, to helping you find that rare gem.

Offers and promotions on 2021-2022 Hondas and used Hondas

You can also take advantage of several offers and promotions at each of our dealerships: stay on the lookout for a good deal! Attractive discounts on new and used vehicles and even on maintenance services are available all year long!

The Honda Blainville dealership await you: come and meet us on site or contact us online. Our professionals will answer all your questions and offer you outstanding service.

A couple going for a hike in the forest next to their green 2022 Honda SUV

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