Subaru vehicles are renowned, among other qualities, for offering outstanding driving pleasure, whatever the road ahead.

Your Subaru Rive-Nord dealer, Lachute Subaru and Subaru Ste-Agathe are members of the Groupe Leclair,  they offer you a vast selection of these vehicles which provide you a genuine pleasure of driving, enriched with advanced technologies and exceptional comfort.

photo of subaru rive-nord dealership with subaru vehicles of groupe leclair

Large inventory of Subaru in stock

Whether you're an adventurer, a city dweller or a bit of both, the Japanese manufacturer has designed a car to suit you, and the professionals at our dealerships will help you find that perfect match. Discover the car that's right for you in Subaru's lineup; reliable and durable vehicles that you're sure to adopt.

Your North Shore dealership, located just off Highway 15, is easy to find and optimally positioned to meet the needs of the entire North Shore and Laval.

In addition, the dealership has over 40 years of expertise behind the tie. When you do business with the professionals on our team, you are assured of receiving quality service and sound advice from automotive experts who know everything about the vehicles they sell. A warm and friendly welcome that makes all the difference also awaits you when you meet these experts.

Subaru maintenance service

Get to know our dedicated staff of sales representatives, financing specialists and rigorous service department technicians. They are trained according to the most demanding standards in the industry and will know how to remedy any problem with your Subaru, whether it's a minor incident or a major accident.

Subaru offers and promotions

Take advantage of our competitive pricing policy, as well as numerous offers and special promotions throughout the year. The team will keep you informed of these so that you don't miss out and always get a good deal. We also offer personalized financing plans so that you can easily pay for your new car according to the terms that suit you.

Whether you're looking for a new or used vehicle, choose from an impressive inventory of vehicles for every taste and budget.

several subaru vehicles and one subaru car in front of a building on the north shore of montreal


Subaru technology and expertise

Over the years, the Japanese manufacturer Subaru has refined its knowledge and developed a precise science to offer the most efficient all-wheel drive. Moreover, the manufacturer adapts its all-wheel drive system to each vehicle, ensuring exceptional handling every time.

Their symmetrical constant mesh all-wheel-drive system is divided into four main system categories to better suit each vehicle. Discover the traction that adapts to the harshest weather and steepest trails, not only on SUVs, but also on many Subaru sedans.

Get behind the wheel of one of these Japanese vehicles and feel the difference right away: the stability and handling of Subaru vehicles are optimal on all terrains and give you a feeling of total safety and control. Plus, Subaru's cleverly designed all-wheel drive system ensures that fuel efficiency is simply among the best.

Subaru SUVs

The brand's sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are inspired by outdoors and travels, right down to their names. From the Crosstrek to the Forester to the Outback to the Ascent, talk to your dealer to find out which one best suits your lifestyle and travel style.

Subaru cars and sedans

Sedans and hatchbacks perfectly designed for your daily life - even in winter! - are also waiting for you in our lineup. Try the compact Impreza, the mid-size Legacy, or the sporty WRX. The latter is a high-performance car, as is the BRZ sports coupe model; you'll be thrilled!

Another important advantage of Subaru vehicles is the excellent value for money: interesting features don't come as options with these fully equipped vehicles! From standard active and passive safety features to advanced technology and comfortable seating, Subaru gives you the most bang for your buck.

Come and meet the team at Subaru Rive-Nord and find the perfect car to accompany you on your daily life and on your travels!

2021-2022 green subaru suv on top of a mountain with people about to do paraglider 

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