For over 50 years, the Groupe Leclair has excelled in the automotive field with its five dealerships featuring the prestigious brands HondaHyundai and Subaru, as well as its Greater Montreal financing mega-centre, Crédit Auto Rapide.

At the forefront of customer experience and innovation, the Groupe Leclair distinguishes itself by offering a vast inventory of new and used vehicles in each of its dealerships. It is with great enthusiasm that you will meet our advisors and experts at Chomedey Hyundai, Hyundai Blainville, Honda Blainville, Subaru Rive-Nord, Lachute Subaru and Subaru Ste-Agathe.

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The people at Groupe Leclair stand out for their know-how, their expertise in the automotive field and their outstanding customer service. Not only do they know how to welcome you, they also take the time to listen to you and present you with all the options that best suit your needs. This team of enthusiasts will guide you all the way to your final choice. Whether you decide to buy or lease a HondaHyundai or Subaru vehicle, our on-site teams will show you the full range of new and used vehicles and present you with all the most attractive versions.

Even more spectacular, the Groupe Leclair doesn't just sell vehicles; it thrives on developing friendly relationships with its customers. In this regard, our advisors and after-sales service experts like to hear from you regularly and receive your comments. They don't just answer your questions, they show a real desire to exchange and maintain long-term relationships. That's why the Groupe Leclair has been diversifying for 60 years, welcoming not only reliable brands to its ranks, but also people with a passion for cars and customer service.

Since its founding by Mr. Claude Leclair, the group has been successful thanks to the transmission of family values and the desire to provide customers with an exceptional experience. From generation to generation, these values are passed on to all levels of the Groupe Leclair and ensure great internal cohesion. There's no doubt that your experience in buying or leasing your next Honda, Hyundai or Subaru vehicle will far exceed your expectations...

The Groupe Leclair goes even further and gets socially involved in the community. This social commitment is important and the Leclair family is involved in many foundations and charitable causes in various fields: the fight against poverty (Accueil Bonneau, Fondation Dr Julien, Media Food Drive, etc.), health and healthy living (Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie, Sainte-Justine UHC Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Canada, etc.), arts and culture (Patrons of the Arts, Performing Arts, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, etc.) and diversity and society (GRIS-Montréal, Fondation Collège de Montréal, Canadian Red Cross, etc.). As a prominent social player in the community, the Leclair family is multiplying its involvement in causes that have meaning for both the family and the Groupe Leclair and its six concessions.

All the actions carried out by the members of the group show how far the values of sharing and generosity extend into the community. All the dealerships near Laval with Chomedey Hyundai, in Boisbriand with Subaru Rive-Nord and on the North Shore of Montreal with Honda Blainville and Hyundai Blainville actively participate and support causes that are close to their hearts.

Needless to say, the Groupe Leclair is an important economic player that puts its talents to work in the sale and after-sales service of new and used vehicles. Beyond its commercial activities, it is socially involved and gives back to the community.

In closing, an efficient team is at your side to offer you a wide choice of new and used vehicles. Our hand-picked advisors take the time to answer all your questions and accompany you throughout the purchase or leasing process. Our experienced and specially trained experts will take charge of your vehicle and carry out all the necessary repairs to ensure its performance, reliability, and efficiency. The teams at Chomedey Hyundai, Hyundai Blainville, Honda Blainville and Subaru Rive-Nord look forward to serving you.

Come and discover all our models and brands today. The Groupe Leclair is solid and welcoming across the board. Take advantage of our current promotions and benefit from our team's sound advice. With the Groupe Leclair, the customer always comes first!

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