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The Groupe Leclair is much more than a group of dealerships in Greater Montreal; it's also a complete set of services related to the purchase and leasing of automobiles.

That's why we have a Financing Mega-Centre in our Group: through it, we can help you acquire your new car faster and more easily.

Get a car loan in the blink of an eye thanks to a team that wants to see you succeed. Benefit from advantageous financing plans that fit your lifestyle and budget.

Advantageous car financing!

The Groupe Leclair financing specialists will make you attractive proposals based on your financial situation and your credit report. Always understanding and attentive to your needs, they will guide you towards the most advantageous alternative by showing you the advantages and disadvantages of each.

By dealing with all the major financial institutions, they will be able to find a loan for you, whatever your situation. Indeed, it can be difficult to find financing when you have financial difficulties or a few blemishes on your credit report, but the Groupe Leclair makes it easy for you. In short, we have the loan you need!

For all financial situations

Are you in precarious employment, a student, in debt or have you declared bankruptcy? If you have a bad record or no record at all, let our experts take care of finding a loan for you without having to apply for multiple loans, which would be detrimental to your record. Obtain a car loan easily at an advantageous interest rate, even with 2nd chance credit financing.

Moreover, as the name of the financing centre says, everything happens very quickly: there are less than 24 hours between the application for financing and your departure at the wheel of a new car. Choose from the vast inventory of cars available at Groupe Leclair dealerships, and finally treat yourself to the car of your dreams!

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